High-Performance Blue Light Absorbers for Optical Clear Adhesive

21 Jul, 2016

Autor : Miles Hsieh, M.L.Wang, Y.S.Hwang, Johnson Chen, M.H.Yen, Dr. Y.H. Huang

Blue light is part of the high energy light of visible light spectrum. It has been regarded as a cause of eye injury after long-term exposure at this range of wavelengths.

The yellowing color of some products is implicated to result in further eye fatigue. In this study,we blocked specific wavelength of blue light by adding the UV absorbs in optical clear adhesives. According to the result of this experiment, it showed that with the usage of UV absorbers, Eversorb® A and Eversorb® B, a 25 μm optical clear adhesive manages to block the light transmittance at 400 nm, allowing less than 5% to penetrate. Meanwhile, the transmittance at 550 nm of the sample remains over 90% with b* value less than 3 to solve the common yellowing issue of anti-blue light products. The final sample passed the anti-frand test which means to block the anti-fraud line of the bank note when exposed to 400nm wavelength light. It meets the standard requirements in the industries.