Less Yellowing in UV-Coat

5 May, 2017

Autor : Yung-Chi Yang, Ming-Hua Lai, Yu-Shu Sung, Yin-Ting Lai, Chung-Han Lu, Hsiao-Fang Chiu, Chih-Hsien Chein, Steven Le and Dr Yao-Hsing Huang

New technical article, 「Less Yellowing in UV Coat」, is available on European Coatings Journal, Apr. 2017.


Water-borne UV curable coatings may discolor during curing or on exposure to natural UV light. A novel light stabilizer(NLS) was developed specifically for water-borne UV curable coatings. Test showed that the NLS gave effective protection, but with far less effect on cure speed than either UV absorbers or HALS(hindered amine light stabilizer).


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