New High-performance UV Light Stabilizer for Silyl-modified Polyether Sealant

24 Jul, 2014

Autor : Ching-Yu Lin, K.C. Peng, Chein Chih-Hsien and Dr Yao-Hsing Huang

The new technical article, 「New High-performance UV Light Stabilizer for Silyl-modified Polyether Sealant」, is published in Industrial Materials No. 348 issued in December. 2015.

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Silicon modified polyether sealant is a new type of high performance product for construction and transportation applications. To enhance better weather resistance, we have done some
tests by adding different UV light stabilizer. According to the test result, it shows Eversorb® Product A (high-performance liquid light stabilizer) not only provide better compatibility but also greater improvement in weather resistance than other powder type products for silicon modified polyether resin. It can suppress yellowing problem caused by resin degradation and maintain physical properties of the sealant. Hence, there will be more and more opportunities and developments for the high performance silicon modified polyether sealant.