Applications of Novel Light Stabilizers for Waterborne UV Curable Coatings

24 Apr, 2013

Autor : Yang Yong-JI/Huang Shi-Cheng/Song Yu-Shu/Qiu Xiao-Fang/Jian Zhi-Xian/Huang Yao-Xing

Specialty Chemical Business Unit, Everlight Chemical Industrial (Taiwan)

Waterborne UV curable coating-the green coatins-have been developed to replace conventional UV curable coatings with VOC emissions.It coule be challenge when light stabilizers are required to protect coatings to UV degradation EVERSORB AQ7,a blend of UV absorber and HALS, is developed specifically for waterborne UV curable coats.This paper is a comparison study of three dirrerent light stabilizers to disperse in water and waterborne epoxy coating.Design of Experiment (DOE)was used in this study. Test data showed that EVERSORB AQ7,in a waterborne clear UV curable coating would not have negative impacts to cure speed.The results confirmed that by increasing the concentration of EVERSORB AQ7 in the top coat can effectively protect from UV light degradation.Furthermore,data also showed that by increasing the coating thickness, the weather-ability of coating can also be improved to some degrees.